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Educational Workshops

Join Benny Cardwell for one of his upcoming Retirement Workshops in March. He is holding them at various locations throughout eastern Ohio. Check out his dates below and register to attend by calling 740-612-5031

  • RISING INFLATION: Learn how it’s shaping current investment strategies and what you may expect in the future.
  • STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY: Would a market correction create additional challenges on meeting your planned retirement date?
  • SOCIAL SECURITY: Will Social Security be there for me? How can I maximize my benefits?
  • TAX REDUCTION STRATEGIES: Strategies to protect your retirement income from potential tax increases.
  • IRA WITHDRAWALS: How withdrawals from IRA’s could impact your Social Security.
  • RETIREMENT INCOME: Will you have enough? Learn strategies to potentially help generate guaranteed income for life.
  • THE SECURE ACT: New 2020 tax legislation could turn your IRA into a tax burden for your beneficiaries. 

Ohio University’s Chillicothe Campus

March 5th – Tuesday at 6:00PM

March 7th – Thursday at 6:00PM

Ohio University’s Athens Campus

March 12th – Tuesday at 6:00PM

March 14th – Thursday at 6:00PM

Ohio University’s Ironton Campus

March 19th – Tuesday at 6PM

March 21st – Thursday at 6PM

Gallipolis Public Library

March 26th – Tuesday at 6PM

March 28th – Thursday at 6PM

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