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Career Opportunities

With the right combination of hard work and dedication, you can have a truly fulfilling career with Mutual of Omaha, offering:

Excel as a financial advisor or manager

Excel as an advisor

Whether you're an experienced advisor, a career changer, or college student, consider a career with Mutual of Omaha. You'll have a clear career path and the support you need to be successful.

To help you develop toward excelling as an insurance-based financial advisor, you'll have thorough training and education, learning what you need to know to serve your clients well.

You'll offer outstanding products and have access to proven methods of prospecting, marketing and sales. Your support team includes local managers and home office experts, such as our advanced markets team to consult on more complex cases.

Or, perhaps you'll pursue a career in field management, if you and your manager feel you have the leadership abilities for that role.

For college students, our Financial Services Trainee program can get you started on your way to a rewarding career.

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Enjoy the rewards of your hard work

Enjoy the rewards

You'll enjoy outstanding career rewards, while feeling the pride of truly making a positive impact on people's lives. A very competitive compensation program gives you the opportunity for unlimited income potential, based on your own hard work.

Newer advisors receive financial support to help transition to a commission-based income. As you increase your client base, you'll have commissions, solid renewals, and exceptional deferred compensation that are very competitive within the industry.

You can also earn generous incentives, including travel to exciting destinations around the world. Visiting places like Ireland, China, and Hawaii with your guest, you'll have the opportunity to interact with other top advisors, reinforcing your career knowledge and motivation.

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Represent a strong and trusted company

Represent a strong company

As a Mutual of Omaha advisor, you'll have the backing of a strong and trusted company that's dedicated to your career development and success.

The company's national advertising, Wild Kingdom activities, and brand sponsorships build consumer awareness, enhancing your local visibility and recognition.

And we assist you in building your own personal brand through a variety of activities and tools such as websites, image brochures, and identity marketing opportunities.

Mutual of Omaha, a Fortune 500 company, has offered outstanding service to clients since its founding in 1909. With high industry ratings and a record of strong money management, we keep our promises to customers – and that's an important factor helping you establish trust with your clients.

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